The project will consist of several interlinked phases. At the inception phase, a detailed work plan will be developed and tasks will be distributed among the team members. The field experts/specialists will be identified and recruited for delivering the training sessions for media representatives, and special training materials will be developed for the first seasonal school.

At the next stage, the project team will start recruiting the local activists willing to be involved in the project as the young trainers. Around 15 regional trainers will be selected to participate in the Youth Summer School that will last for a week and consist of several components: thematic trainings on the EU and Georgia’s Europeanization, skills training, and keynote speeches of the invited field experts.

The next stage will be dedicated to the organization of local workshops/roundtable discussions by the trained young trainers in their respective regions for their peers (and a wider community).

The project will be concluded by series of public events organized in each region with the local self-government representatives.